Workshop Presenters

LINK provides enrichment opportunities for students in the areas of education, college/career readiness, leadership development, spiritual development, and interracial harmony. We are looking for skilled and professional volunteers to facilitate workshops for students on the following topics:

  • Public Speaking and Communication Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Dressing for Success/Etiquette
  • Professional Demeanor
  • Professional Online Representation
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Personal Branding
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Positive Self Image
  • Soft skills – Grit, Resilience, Self-advocacy, Accountability, Decision Making, etc.

Career Speaker Series

We are seeking professionals in a variety of industries, including accounting, banking, law, medicine, engineering, IT, social services, education, etc. to participate in 1-hour quarterly Brown Bag Luncheons where career topics are discussed. These talks will expose LINK scholars to a variety of career industries and increase their knowledge of skills, education, and training required to enter various professions and succeed in them.

FY’17 Dates are To Be Announced.

Job Shadowing/Internship Opportunities

LINK partners with industry-leading companies and organizations in order to provide meaningful internship and job shadowing opportunities for both high school and collegiate LINK Scholars. These partnerships provide students with engaging, experiential learning opportunities to learn about various careers, workplace dynamics, and everyday business practices.

Student Application Reading & Interviewing

We take our process of identifying and selecting Chicago’s top performing and high potential scholars very seriously.  In order to finalize the scholars being accepted with each class of Freshmen, we receive support from volunteers who assist in reading applications and leading our family interviews.  The application review process runs from November to January of each academic year.

LINK Associate Board

The LINK Associate Board is a group of emerging business and civic leaders.  The group is committed to raising funding support and increasing the awareness and ongoing success of LINK through beneficiary events and volunteer programs.  The Associate Board is pleased to entertain applications from new members that are passionate about supporting LINK’s mission and vision of civic responsibility.  Once accepted, prospective members are encouraged to attend ALL board meetings, participate in the organization and planning of fundraising events and/or volunteer at the Annual Career Fair.

For information on how you can volunteer please contact Dr. Johari Shuck, Interim Director of Educational Programs, via email or via phone: (312) 225-5465 Ext. 216.